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Our companies of M/s. Service & Supply Agency Electrical (India) Pvt. Ltd. and M/s. Engineering Equipments & Traders are in the market of DISTRIBUTION of various engineering products for around last 50 years.
Company’s M.D. Mr. J.C.Mazumder & CEO Mr. K. Mazumder.

We created our reputation in the 60’s in the rural Bengal with Menon Diesel Engine Pump set which was rated as one of the best at that time.

In the 80’s we were the pioneer in introducing AC Mini Monobloc Pump Concept in Bengal withsharp
In the millennium we again introduced world renowned Pluga Submersible Pump in Bengal.

In the year 2013 our company again introduced Sterling Brand submersible Pump with full stainless steel construction and unique features first time in Eastern India.

In 2015 we have added INNOTECK Brand Mini Monoblock & Agriculture Monoblock pumpsets which is again having Unique features.
In 2016 we have introduced Teraflow brand sumbersiable pumpset with high discharging capacity and having less power consumtion.
Along with this we have introduced Espa (Spain), range of domestic pressure boosting pumps, sewage pumps, swimming pool pumps, of world class quality.

We have also ventured into marketing of Housewires, Industrial Cables & submersible Cables with NESKEB Brand which is amongst best quality available.

Our next venture will be introducing SOLAR PUMPS in FUTURE.